Women’s Reproductive Health in Burundi- Fwa Newsletter 002

Newsletter_002 Download FWA NEWSLETTER 002 Burundi is among the most densely populated African countries. Rapid population growth is therefore one of the major constraints to Burundi’s development efforts. At the International Conference on Population and Development held in Cairo in 1994, 179 countries, including Burundi, pledged to put in place a program of action recognizing that the right to sexual and reproductive health is to contribute to poverty reduction, and to ensure sustainable and equitable development. Indeed, every couple and every individual has the fundamental right to decide freely and responsibly on the number of children and the spacing of their birth, and to have access to information, education and information means in this respect. In its declaration of national population policy of October 19, 2011, the Government of Burundi set itself the goal of reducing the fertility of 6 children per woman in 2008 to 3 children per woman in 2025, and to accelerate the decline of mortality by increasing life expectancy at birth from 49 in 2008 to 60 in 2025. There are still many challenges, to achieve these ambitious goals, Friends Women Association believe that all stakeholders combine efforts to imagine and implement innovative strategies to achieve the best results. That’s why Friends Women Association initiated since May 2014, a program called “Improving Women Reproductive Health” (IWRH). The purpose is to sensitize people that birth control is for both the man and the woman. From January to March 2018 this program was conducted in Bujumbura slums through a sensitization Campaign made by Fwa staff and Community Health Workers trained by FWA.

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