FWA Programs Starting by fighting against HIV/AIDS, FWA realized that she could not respond to her mission without a clinic. That is why we have nowadays a clinic called “NTASEKA” where we have different services: medical consultation, nurse consultation, a laboratory room and a counseling room.

Fwa beneficiaries

In sum, we have five current programs: 1.Improving Women Reproductive Health (IWRH) As Burundi has one of the highest rate of birth in the world, since May 2014, we have started a new program called “Improving Women Reproductive Health” (IWRH). The purpose is to sensitize people that birth control is for both the man and the woman. Through our beneficiaries, we were also able to realize that some women got HIV/AIDS through sexual violence. 2.“Rape Survivors Support (RSS) With this program we work to reintegrate rape survivors both psychologically and economically. As this second program refers to gender-based violence case management. 3. Action on Gender-Based Violence We are now mobilizing communities to make an Action on Gender-Based Violence (AGBV) starting in the church. 4. Link Up We have a fourth program called “Link Up” whose main objective is to improve the sexual and reproductive health of young people. 5. Caring for HIV Positive People (CHIVPP) The purpose of this program is to care for HIV positive people holistically. It has different dimensions: medical care, psycho- social and economic care. In sum, we have five current programs.