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We provide a comprehensive health care to women and their families, to promote women’s leadership and autonomy and to strengthen peace and solidarity in Kamenge, a slum in Bujumbura and in other communities of Burundi.

HIV testing

Starting by fighting against HIV/AIDS, FWA realized that she could not respond to her mission without a clinic. That is why we have nowadays a clinic called “NTASEKA”

Family Planning

The purpose is to sensitize people that birth control is for both the man and the woman.


The aim is to reintegrate rape survivors both psychologically and economically

Women Peace and Recovery

Support women’s empowerment and peace consolidation through other activities


We launched our micro-finance program in anattempt to improve the holistic health of the woman

Link up

The main objective is to improve the sexual and reproductive health of young people

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If you wish to contribute to the work of Friends Women's Association,we hope you’ll join us by making a donation to support our mission and to reach even more women.

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We believe health is a human right. We also believe that when this right is truly respected,there is hope for long-term sustainable peace in Burundi.We focus on the whole well-being of our patients and our community, treating both their bodily needs and facilitating a process of healing from violence and trauma.

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FWA AUGUST 2016 REPORT The section below summarizes the work done during the month of August 2016. ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM The association "Friend

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Improving Women Reproductive Health Annual Report


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FWA October 2016 Report


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FWA September 2016 Report