About Fwa

Friends Women’s Association, FWA, a grass-roots organization in Burundi, addresses the needs of women in conflict, poverty, HIV/AIDS, and sexual violence. The FWA health care clinic focuses on treating both physical and psycho-social needs

What we do

Our services: •Free or low cost medical exams to women andtheir families •Primary and preventative care •Laboratory testing •HIV testing and counseling, •Psychological counseling •Home visits and micro-finance services •Community trauma and reconciliation workshops

Our beliefs

We believe:We believe health is a human right. We alsobelieve that when this right is truly respected,there is hope for long-term sustainable peacein Burundi.We focus on the whole well-being of ourpatients and our community, treating both theirbodily needs and facilitating a process ofhealing from violence and trauma.

Recent Stories

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The work done during the month of April 2018 by FWA.

The section below summarizes the work done during the month of April 2018. During the month of April 2018, the activities done were about RSS, CHIVPP, IWRH and AGBV projects FWA APRIL 2018 Report

Women’s Reproductive Health in Burundi- Fwa Newsletter 002

Newsletter_002 Download FWA NEWSLETTER 002 Burundi is among the most densely populated African countries. Rapid population growth is therefore one of the major constraints to Burundi’s development efforts. At the International Conference on Population and Development held in Cairo in 1994, 179 countries, including Burundi, pledged to put in place a program of action recognizing that the right to sexual and reproductive health is to Read More →

Pastor BUCURA David visited FWA to see the work we are doing on the ground-Feb 2012

On February 7th, 2018, Pastor BUCURA David, the coordinator of the African Great Lakes Initiatives (AGLI) visited FWA to see the work we are doing on the ground.In the month of February 2018, a total of 134 people received pre and post HIV test counseling and were tested for HIV; 56% of them were women and among the 7 people detected HIV positive, 4 were Read More →

Friends Women’s Association attended the 8th Great Lakes Initiatives Leadership Institute- Jan 2018

Pastor NTAHUBA Parfaite, the coordinator of Friends Women’s Association attended the 8th  Great Lakes Initiatives Leadership Institute on January 7-12, 2018. The venue of the 2018 GLI Institute was St. Mary’s National Seminary Ggaba, located on Ggaba Road in Kampala. The section below summarizes the work done during the month of January 2018. FWA January 2018 Report

Crowdfunding through Global Giving:Friends Women’s Association

Dates of initial Accelerator campaign: March 12 to 30              Date of bonus day: March 21   Name of project: Providing health care to 1000s in Bujumbura slum For details and to donate control/click on https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/providing-health-care-to-1000s-in-bujumbura-slum/   Wikipedia definition: Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. Read More →

Friends Women’s Association Newsletter: 001

Dear Friends We welcome you all to our newsletter. Each three month we will bring to you stories and updates on how the Kamenge community is evolving through the work of Friends Women’s Association(FWA). FWA is a Women led organization founded in 2002 it was in a conflict and post conflict environment.Providing comprehensive, community-based health care to women and their families in slums like Kamenge Read More →