About Fwa

Friends Women’s Association, FWA, a grass-roots organization in Burundi, addresses the needs of women in conflict, poverty, HIV/AIDS, and sexual violence. The FWA health care clinic focuses on treating both physical and psycho-social needs

What we do

Our services: •Free or low cost medical exams to women andtheir families •Primary and preventative care •Laboratory testing •HIV testing and counseling, •Psychological counseling •Home visits and micro-finance services •Community trauma and reconciliation workshops

Our beliefs

We believe:We believe health is a human right. We alsobelieve that when this right is truly respected,there is hope for long-term sustainable peacein Burundi.We focus on the whole well-being of ourpatients and our community, treating both theirbodily needs and facilitating a process ofhealing from violence and trauma.

Recent Stories

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FWA Narrative Report: December 2019

159 cases were consulted by our medical doctors, including 58 adults (27 women and 31 men), 21 children (13 girls and 8 boys), 69 HIV positive people and 11 pregnant women for ultrasound. The nurse received 270 patients including 187 adults and 83 children. December 10-13, 2019 was a mother-child week. Ntaseka clinic was one of the vaccination centers as usual. We had a total Read More →

Fwa Narrative Report :November 2019

Under the support of Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP), a delegation of five people from Quaker Peace Network (QPN) Burundi joined Mel Duncan (Cofounder of NP) for a field exposure in South Sudan from October 29th, 2019 to November 10th, 2019. The purpose was to learn how Unarmed Civilian Protection skills are used on the ground. The result was that we came up with a proposal for Read More →

Fwa October Activities Report

Under the support of the African Great Lakes Initiatives (AGLI) of the Friends Peace Teams, the national coordinator of Friends Women’s Association (FWA), NTAHUBA Parfaite has continued to do speaking tours in the United States both in schools and in Friends meetings. Find out more about October activities at Friends Women’s association inside this Report

Fwa activities in Spetember

During this month of September 2019, medical follow up and home visits were done for our HIV positive people. On September 25, 2019, one discussion group was done to discuss with men on the importance of HIV voluntary test. Check out more inside our September Report below

Reports:The work done by during the month of July-August 2019

On August 5-9, 2019, the national coordinator of Friends Women’s Association (FWA), Pastor NTAHUBA Parfaite, attended a dialogue exchange program organized by the Amercican Friends Service Committee (AFSC) at the Concord&Suits Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya. The purpose was to help goal-peace practitioners, donors and other key stakeholders shift away from traditional short term ‘event based’ models of prevention of electoral violence and invest in analysis, mapping Read More →

Report :Reports:The work done by during the month of June

Download the Full Report http://www.fwaburundi.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/FWA-June-2019-narrative-report.doc My name is Chantal. In our family, we are three sisters and one brother. When I grew up, Igot married. However, after I had my first born, my husband left me and married anotherwife. I have been struggling a lot in order to survive with my kid. I could not go back to myfamily because my two sisters and brother Read More →